Cooper “Dirty Bastard” Gaudiosi

Mike Savage is an AMAZING artist! It’s hard to fathom that a guy can do with paint, what he’s done for me! I’ve personally been to his shop to see first hand just how crazy his skills are. He’s totally shocked me with his creativity & attention to detail! He has completely blown away any expectations & preconceived notions I might have had before he hooked me up. I can also say that I believe the materials he uses are also the best, as I’ve been riding my bike for about 10 months now & all I have to do is wash it & it shines like the day I got it back!

If you want top quality design, creativity & artistry then Savage is “The Man”. There are no decals or stickers in his shop, just paint!

How a “Dirty Bastard” like me was lucky enough to get hooked up with an artist like Savage still makes me laugh! The guy told me he “paints” for a living! Talk about modesty…He has since done 2 helmets for me, which are also gorgeous! Savage you are the best!! I couldn’t possibly thank you enough!